About D&G office depot

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D & G Office Depot was established in June 2009 in Monrovia, Liberia. The main objective of coming into the Liberia market was to bring to the Liberian market "quality stationery and office related products" at a "reasonable price".For years many companies had adopted the policy of maximum profit by supplying low quality products at a high price thereby maximizing profits and providing the end-users with sub-standard products. We at D & G believe that our customers deserve "value for money" and so adopted a policy that was different from the market trends. We decided to stock high Quality products and sell them at a low price with the aim of keeping our profit margins in check and covering it by increasing the volume of sales so that we are not affected and at same time the customers get value for their money.

In our employ are young and dynamic people who are enthusiastic towards their work, and are always thinking of new ideas and of setting new trends in the market. They are dedicated to customer service and satisfaction and believe our success lies in the satisfaction of our customers!